Diversified business group investing in international technology and manufacturing sector



DWG is  a diversified business group investing in technology, construction and manufacturing sector worldwide building startup ecosystem, BPaaS solutions and VC network in Ukraine. We select and grow most promising ukrainian and international projects providing strategic development programs: business consulting, seed, VC financing, educational, legal, staffing and marketing services.

DWG currently incorporates the following facilities:

DWG Investment Fund- privately-owned and managed investment funds in Ukraine as well as to sponsor in other countries entering an unproven market. 

DWG Research & Development Center - offshore/nearshore dedicated software and product development

DWG Business X-celerator- business acceleration facility for technology startups expanding global markets

DWG HR Assessment & Call Center- HR,staffing and recruiting,customer support and call center services

DWG Hardware Laboratories- fully-equipped workspace labs for hardware inventors and global manufacturing innovators with access to national plants and world's best qualified scientific technology staff and production sites in Ukraine

DWG Design & Architecture - international design and construction management devision

DWG Advertisement & Digital Marketing -  traditional advertising and digital marketing channels to promote and market products and services for customers and their businesses

DWG (DeltaWeb) Consulting - international business and project management consultancy
Organization founded in Ukraine · United States.



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