We're a renewable energy investment fund



Nereo GreenCapital is a renewable energy investment fund focus on the development of wind energy projects worldwide. We have currently initiated project activities in 3 countries with a large project portfolio which includes more than 1,200 MW under development and 800 MW of projects in the planning phase.
Nereo GreenCapital is based on Luxembourg and is a company which is supervised and regulated by the National Authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
Nereo GreenCapital has the headquarters in Madrid with offices in Luxembourg, Bucharest, Miami and Rome while our operating bases are in Constanza (Romania), Illinois (US), Maine (US), Wyoming (US), Colorado (US) and Matera (Italy).
Organization founded in Luxembourg · Spain.


  • Preferencias de sector:
  • Preferencias de ubicación:
  • Información adicional:
    • Stage: Seed/Early/Growth
    • Monthly revenue > XXX €
    • At least x% monthly growth on XXX
    • Pre-money valuation < X€
    • >1 founder, team fully commited
    • Avg. ticket: xx K€
    • Investments per year: X
    • Co-investing/Leads round
    • Others:
    • Historically, renewable energy projects, especially in the development phase, have been executed by large companies and utilities. NGC was established with the aim of allowing small and medium investors to participate in the entire value chain of wind projects, thereby maximizing value creation.
    • In addition to standard fund management activities, Nereo GreenCapital is uniquely positioned to provide the benefits of integrated technical project management to private equity investors.


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