Kenny Vivas


COO @ Modelsoftheworld | Founder @ Open English

Sobre Kenny Vivas

Creator, Developer, Product & Software designer, Problem Solver since 2005. Specialties: - Making Ideas grow! My passion is to take projects and turn them into real solutions. - Agile Project Planning. - Scrum Product Owner. - Startups. - Interface design and usability. - Process Engineering. - Tech Consultant Skills: - Pattern Recognition and Classification, applied to business process optimization. - Web development using Agile Frameworks ( J2EE-Struts,Django, CakePHP, Code Igniter, RoR ). - AI, Robotics, Robot Control and Planning (Image recognition, path planning, multi-agents). - CRM Management. - Implementation and optimization of core processes using agile software solutions. - Business Intelligence. - Trainer and Coach. Key Achievements: - Design the post sale service platform for Open English Operations Team - Detect user patterns that leads to early cancellation using BI and pattern recognition techniques, and design different strategies that helped reduce OE churn by 3% on 2012. Much if this work is still being used by the company to retain our customers. - Recruit, train and manage the first Oe tech support services team, based on coaching techniques and product knowledge. An small team of 4 reps maintained a 40 k active clients population over 2 years, maintaining a monthly 0-48hrs KPI of 80%. - Actively take part of the team that created and pushed forward the Open English Platform from the very beginning.