Luis de Enrique


Seasoned business developer with 25 years unlocking growth opps through marketing and sales strategies definition and execution

Sobre Luis de Enrique

My unique and personal value proposition in 1 minute and 5 answers: WHAT DO I DO? Commercial Models Improvements HOW DO I DO IT? 3 type of solutions: a) Value Proposition Improvements (ie what you should be selling) b) Customer Target Segmentation (ie who you should be selling to) c) Route to Market Optimization (ie how to reach your customer target) WHAT IS THE HOUSE SPECIALITY? Actually 2 specialities: a) Transforming commercial costs into investments b) Defining market “white spaces” to enter WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF ALL THIS? Better decisions that unlock income growth MY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE? Delivering accurate and intertwined “Sales-Marketing-Finance” insights Now go to www.camelot.com.es for further info about how to improve your business model, previous success histories and White Papers on current affairs of interests for business managers and sales+marketing strategists.