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Sobre Madurai Startups

We are group of startups from Madurai and having built this community in Madurai for the past 2-3 years and if you could support with the emerging community, we are mutually support each other for this region in all possible way. since it's purely volunteer based community for startups. What we did: we are conducting regular meet-ups & lot of workshops,hackathons and events regularly You can get more details about the happenings like events,students final year projects with startups with real business folks,recruitment support,exit placement from one startup to another, co-working spaces and tech-sessions(IOT,AWS & Applications Security). http://maduraistartups.in https://www.facebook.com/MaduraiStartupCommunity/ In Last few Years we brought Microsoft,Google& OWASP events in city and this year also we plan to get few global players along with our community in Madurai. What we can give back as a volunteer community: we also understand that knowledge sharing sessions on latest tech stacks can be given back as our initiative as startups social-technical responsibility. It would be great if you can support in any way to get this culture growing Madurai. Thanks for your time & support. Regards TEAM-MaduraiStartups (Reach@MaduraiStartups.in)