Paulo Šimac


Video Game Developer


Sobre Paulo Šimac

The SharkTeam crew is a group of young enthusiasts, established in 2015. Inspired by our love for video games and mutual everyday desire for improvement through something new, better and more interesting, with a side of knowledge and a lot of will to learn, we decided to share our ideas and imagination with the rest of the world. For the past few years, we have been diligently keeping an eye on wishes and needs of potential users, trying to create and bring out the best product possible, respecting user wishes and meeting general standards. As our first goal, we set the creation of an interesting game based on balancing - not the usual, well-known, regular and boring balancing, but the fun and imaginative kind. Although ‘’Colby’’ is our only finished project so far, there are more games and useful apps on the way - to be created in the near future. Keep up with us and we hope you enjoy our existing products, as well as products to come!