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Kalavathi is an up-coming centre for eco-arts education in Mallorca. We aim to promote and educate about sustainability by providing practical and accessible educational tools in a creative setting. We will host regular workshops, retreats, arts events and performances aimed at bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. We hope to engage with communities both locally and internationally, to encourage individuals, schools and businesses to adopt sustainable practices in order to work towards a more sustainable future. My plan is to renovate an existing business property which already functions as a popular cultural arts centre. The present owner is retired and due to health issues is no longer able to manage the property. Expanding on what has existed at the centre but with a new focus on sustainability and with renovations to create accommodation. I aim to provide a centre for eco-arts and education. To bring together creative minds in an eco-friendly and non-judgmental setting. To inspire and educate about sustainability to secure the future. 
 Investing in solar energy units on the on the residential unit and upgrading the old house to be more energy efficient will substantially reduce electricity costs. The vast gardens will be used to grow fruit and organic vegetables and will include an aquaponics system. 

The centre will aim to operate under green ethics codes: energy efficiency, reduce reuse recycle, and we will aim to continually improve and adopt permaculture into our business as we go along. 
 With completed property renovations, this business provides a fair to middling profit. It is a stable business that benefits the local community as well as providing educational tools which will benefit the entire planet. The investor/fund that I am seeking is someone that is interested in sustainable development and the arts. Someone that would like to help me breathe new life to this beautiful property. Someone that values and recognises the need for education on sustainable design and living and recognises the need for earth advocacy. 
After all, a planet that is unable to sustain life cannot provide wealth either. If that person is you, I very much look forward to hearing from you. WHAT THE CENTRE WILL OFFER: PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS AND EDUCATION  Exploring eco-philosophy Sustainable design Holistic science Eco-literacy Relocalising economics Eco-Retreats Permaculture and biodynamic workshops Natural building workshops and Eco-technology workshops Transformation toward sustainable living, personal development, community action and professional development. Organic Veg Box Recycling   MIND, BODY, SOUL Creating unity and promoting creativity in an eco-friendly environment Arts programs and workshops Yoga workshops Music events Eco-arts retreats Dance workshops and performance Art installations

 Restaurant and bar
 Accommodation for guests 
Gallery space for Hire Venue Hire for weddings and photoshoots
 Meeting place for local community organisations
Volunteering opportunities 
Dance/Music Studio Hire kalavathi.ecoarts@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/kalavathi.ecoarts

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Fundacion Spain · Malaysia, January/2016
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