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We are a Portuguese company bootstrapped from scratch, that doubled its revenue in 2014 working mostly on US and UK markets. Established in 2012, it competes in a truly global market crafting products for worldwide startups like Smarttrade in the UK and big companies like the Mirror Media Group. We think and execute the whole: validate, design and build your new product from scratch. We enjoy to handle the entire tech stack, from IoT devices, scalable architecture, and great UX, while applying Agile and DevOps methodologies. Our goal is to team up with our clients to develop a product further, from the first user to the millionth. At the same time, we keep investing our time and resources in our own products, such as Qold.co, looking for opportunities to develop unique products that solve market needs. We’ve been able to build some products, as unplu.gg - an energy monitoring platform which was on the top 3 projects at EDP Innovation Prize.

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Fundacion United Kingdom, August/2013
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