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ADR Mediandocon, S.L. provides a unique ODR tool for Mediation Institutions: the Online Plataform SUITE MEDIANDOCON, suited for the ultimate management of Mediation Institutions and Advanced ADR Services, through the integral management of those records originated in mediation and arbitration procedures, as well as the features inherent to online mediation.The service is provided through an online platform with a hosting of maximum security, in accordance with the enforceable regulations. The main functionalities of ODR comprise security, confidentiality and efficiency in Mediation Procedures. Simplified Process in accordance with existing regulations. ADR MEDIANDOCON, S.L. has recently signed an agreement to provide its online dispute resolution solutions to Fundación Notarial SIGNUM, created in the year 2011 by the Notaries Society of Madrid, for the promotion and advancement of institutional mediation and arbitration, and other ways to facilitate the conventional settlement of disputes.

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