appOwiz is an All-in-One tool for App distribution, Visual feedback, Crash reporting and Analytics for Mobile App Developers.


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appOwiz’s goal is to assist mobile app developers and testers on being happier and more productive. It supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone Mobile OS. It makes the process of communicating issues and responding to feedback not just incredibly easy, but actually fun. To know what appOwiz is doing, imagine yourself using a mobile appand you want to send feedback! You can do it your way: where you take a screenshot of the app, close the app and compose an email with your feedback. Also,include all device details as well as the steps to reproduce the error and send it to the developer. It also assists in distributing the app with your team members so developers can easily release builds to testers and testers can provide feedback about the build given to them for testing. You can track the number of bugs and crashes reported for any build.

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Fundacion May/2015
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