Amazon for Amazing Design Products and Mashable for Top Design Thinking




Designclusive as the Marketplace. 
Designed to be the curated and created design product marketplace, Designclusive is to launch with 1000+ top design products curated from 20+ top design websites that have wide audience in the U.S. and elsewhere. The member companies is to have their own admin panel to edit and market their own products. This way, Designclusive is to open a new marketing channel like Amazon. Companies will always pay lower fees than the industry standards and the fee is to be even lower with the increasing sales of the company. 
Designclusive as the Design Thinking Platform. 
Top Design Thought Leaders, celebrities, design experts and companies are to write in the Designclusive platform regularly or as guest writers regarding new concepts, product reviews, design thinking, design education and more. The idea isn't only to reflect what is out there, but also to see what is beyond the predictable or visible to everyone. By making the expert views, articles and videos accessible to the followers, Designclusive aims to increase the consciousness of design enthusiasts, professionals and the new generation as one of the best sources to follow the design content and trends.

To learn more details regarding the concept, please see (copy-paste-click) the below documents:
Designclusive Comparative Analysis: 
Designclusive Business Presentation:
Organization founded in United States. Since July/2016. STARTUP phase.


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