Saygin Celen


Engineer with MBA and international business mindset working hard to connect the dots to create conceptually beautiful products that last

About Saygin Celen

Please check my Linkedin for my pofessional background. I am an easygoing, however, competitive person who has both engineering and business background in 3 continents/countries, namely, Turkey, Spain and USA. I studied and worked in all 3 for at least 5 years, which gained me the opportunity to adapt and think with global mindset. I sincerely believe in team work. One may have a great idea, however, for the execution, an idea needs multiple players to make it a promising reality and eventually a product to highly benefit the others. The best examples can be buildings. You can have a business and action plan for the building, however, you need to collaborate and work with hundreds of people to build an Empire State. This results with "management" in the equation. Also, if one is an entrepreneur, then, total unbeatable passion should be there to succesfully execute the plan because it is a given that any company will face unexpected obstacles along the way. The entrepreneur would need the resourcefulness and tireless work ethics to face the obstacles every day. One has to have the gist, balance and positive energy no matter how hard things become. The gist makes the entrepreneur ambitious and look forward; balance makes the entrepreneur know when to go forward and when to stop and positive energy always makes the entrepreneur feel that he/she can figure out a way to resolve the situation at hand because the entrepreneur knows a current crisis can become a future opportunity. I strongly believe I have the above skills to manage and create new brilliant ideas into becoming great products for many people.