Dronything - Providing ultra precise and cost effective aircraft inspections using cutting edge drone tech and image analytics.


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Aircraft maintenance inspections are a major bottleneck for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) firms. Each hour the aircraft spends in maintenance, it increases per flight hour maintenance cost of that aircraft. Dronything helps an Aircraft MRO to better visually inspect its aircraft fleet and reduce its "per flight hourly maintenance cost". It also helps in reducing manual errors, providing a second line of precise inspection data using cutting edge technology. Automated industrial drones combined with precision sensors like ultrasonic, LIDAR etc. scan the entire fuselage and feed the images collected to an image processing software which in turn generates a detailed inspection report highlighting all anomalies. The business is highly profitable as we don't incur manufacturing related costs and get recurring revenues due to our SaaS-like model.

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Fundacion October/2017
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