We design, manufacture and sale solar vehicles that combines the comfort of a conventional car with the benefits of a bicycle

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The huge increment in urban population on cities around the globe during the last century and the widespread use of combustion engine vehicles has developed, and still does, into an increasingly raise of all type of pollution levels in the cities, traffic jams and mobility issues within urban spaces. There are many global social movements that are looking into more efficient and lower environmental impact ways of transport all over the world and this is why we designed our mö. mö is an innovative vehicle, ultra-efficient and built with sustainable materials. Its design combines the comfort of a conventional car with the benefits of a bicycle: - A FULLY ENCLOSED STRUCTURE that provides great security and a comfortable space for the occupants and allows its use all year round, regardless of weather conditions. - UP TO 2 PASSENGERS seated in parallel (social) and variable amount of LOAD and/or one or two CHILD SEATS - MINIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT due to its materials and manufacturing efficiency - Very LOW purchase and maintenance COSTS - Due to its technical characteristics it can be registered as a tandem tricycle so it will ensure BIG SAVINGS on insurance and tax costs, also no license will be required to drive it - Its SMALL SIZE (2m long/1.5m wide/1.3m high) and its LOW WEIGHT (60-80kg d/v) makes it very EASY TO PARK and provides it great maneuverability - RANGE on electric mode: 40-80 Kms. (depending on version) - REMOVABLE BATTERY that can be charged simply by plugging the vehicle or removing it to charge at home, at the office, etc. - NO need to CHARGE the battery with moderate uses - Provides HEALTH BENEFITS as it gives a chance for exercising during its use. - It is designed to be sold as a ready-to-use vehicle or as a KIT. That simplifies product distribution and international expansion of the company. 0ur users (private, companies and public institutions) may use these vehicles for their daily urban commuting, business and leisure environments. - Private users may use them for their daily commute to go to work, shopping, take the kids to school and in general for any of the trips we all make in our lives within the city -The use of our vehicles by public institutions for transfers of employees of its operational services in their daily work will benefit from fuel savings and ease of handling and easy parking of these vehicles thanks to its technical characteristics. Public institutions may create car rental networks for tourist use in the city and as an added value they can also contribute in reducing pollution in urban areas and improve their public image. -Large corporations that occupy huge business and industrial areas can also benefit from the savings and the good image that the use of innovative and sustainable vehicles like ours in the internal transfer of employees and goods within their facilities will bring. -The same advantages are available for evovelo vehicle users in leisure centers, university campuses, golf courses and other large sporting facilities, etc. What makes our business especial is that although we are using already well known technologies inspired by the ECO races, the most innovative thing is the way we are putting them altogether: - First, we are manufacturing the vehicles mostly with sustainable materials such as woods or derivatives of wood and fully recyclable materials for the rest. - Second, the vehicle is so efficient due to its low weight and systems integration that in most cases it will work only on solar power alone so it will be a truly solar car, a dream the many. In order to achieve a very low manufacturing ecological foot print, over 75% of the vehicle is made with sustainable materials (wood) and the rest are fully recyclable. - On normal use 20-30 Km/day (most cases) the CO2 produced will be 0 KgCO2/km because all energy to move it will come from the sun. - On intensive use over 40Km/day the the emissions will be as low as 0.001KgCO2/Km or even lower depending of were the electric energy to charge the battery comes from. In conclusion, this is probably the most sustainable vehicle that could be found in the market.

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