Gonzalo P. Chomón


evovelo designs, manufactures and sales solar vehicles that combines the comfort of conventional cars with the benefits of tricycles


About Gonzalo P. Chomón

The huge increment in urban population on cities around the globe during the last century and the widespread use of combustion engine vehicles has developed, and still does, into an increasingly raise of all type of pollution levels in the cities, traffic jams and mobility issues within urban spaces. There are many global social movements that are looking into more efficient and lower environmental impact ways of transport all over the world and this is why we designed our mö. Our product is an innovative and ultra-efficient vehicle that comes to change the paradigm of conmuting people and goods in urban environments, leisure and industrial. mö from evovelo combines the advantages of a traditional car and a electric bicycle and runs using solar energy and your own. Some of mö most innovative features include: - It is completely enclosed, like a conventional car to protect passengers and cargo from the elements. - It can carry two people sitting side to side, a variable amount of load and / or one or two child seats. - It can be registered as a tandem tricycle, meaning huge savings in taxes and no need of insurance or driving licence. - Small size (2m long/1.5m wide/1.3m high) and low weight (60-80kg) allow easy parking and great maneuverability. - Its battery allows a range of over 30 miles. - Low, almost nil, environmental impact materials and manufacturing efficiency. . - Minimum purchase and maintenance costs. - Chance of exercising during use. - The design allows to sell mö ready to run or in kit format, simplifying distribution and international growth of the company Our customers will be segmented into three groups: private user in urban areas and business and institutional sector. Our clients will be people and companies that need worth while and ecological vehicles for the transportation of people and goods as well as public institutions. The use of our product will add sustainability to their values. mö is the world's first fully enclosed solar vehicle an innovative, ultra-efficient and made with sustainable materials vehicle and represent a real and very versatile alternative for private transport of people and goods in urban environments, tour vehicles within green touristic lettings network, for getting around within large industrial warehouses and leisure malls, as well as airports, industrial parks, etc. At present there is a gap in the industry between automobiles and bicycles that evovelo is willing to fill with its project. It will contribute to a significantly reduction of emissions and noise, congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. It Will also enhance the competitive position of the European industry. As well due the vehicle characteristics will benefit the user’s helth due the exercise done during its use. apply for our beta program and access the first open source project that reimagines electric vehicles: http://www.evovelo.club