Personal shoppers online. We provide free online styling + shipping fashion-boxes in a simple & easy way




Online Personal Shopper for Men.

Men don't like shopping, don't like going out, looking for clothes, trying them on. Men don't like 'the shopping experience' and don't plan outing with friends for apparel-shopping.

BUT men want to look fine, through principle of least effort. And yes: FASHIOP meets -and solves- that problem. A new online service targeted to upper middle class men who want to look elegant, assisted by an online personal stylist.

The customer registers online. A personal stylist gets in contact with him. In a personal interview, she understands his tastes, size, style, use for the clothes. After that, she creates a personalized box with 10-20 items (clothes + shoes + fashion accesories), checks with him it's OK and, after approval, she sends the box to his house or office (free shipping).

He has 5 days to try on the clothes. After that, he keeps what he likes and sends back through free-courier what he doesn't.

We bill for the non-sent-back items. And we're ready to create new box when needed.
Organization founded in Spain. Since April/2015. 4 employees. STARTUP phase.




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Noticias añadidas recientemente sobre fashiop:
165.000 euros de inversión en la startup Fashiop

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