Carlos Solana


Coming from the corporation lands to discover & conquer the entrepreneurial 7 seas... :)

About Carlos Solana

Marketing, Digital Communication and eCommerce for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Retail, Apparel, Educational Institutions and Media. SEO, SEM, Content Creation&Management, CRM, e-Promotions & e-coupons, email Marketing, Mobile Communications, e-Commerce, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Management & Coordination of Communication's Agencies, Technological & Industrial Implementation of Innovation, Project Development, R&D for Technolocical Innnovation, Databases' Exploitation... Marketing: focus on business development, targeted plans, budget planning, sinergies, promotional activities, new initiatives & product launchs, lead generation, conversion rate optimization... My main goal at the moment is to turn the Internet into a plattform for REAL mass communication -and transaction- between Brands and Consumers. Specialities: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Brand Communication, Internet & Digital Communications, e-Commerce, Project Leadership, Team Leading, Innovation, Creativity...