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Sobre Hoonter

Hoonter is the digital platform for verifying and validating individual talent that aims to help our customers -whom we call “talents”- improve their chances of finding and securing the best career opportunities available for them. Through Hoonter’s platform our talents can validate – by undertakings tests - their skills and abilities, and with this validation provide first-hand, tangible and verified evidence to recruiters of the claims they make in their CVs/resumes. Once talents are registered and validated on the platform they can then participate in Hoonter’s tailor-made HR recruitment processes that are designed precisely to make their talent shine, for what its really worth, within the recruitment process. Hoonter’s product solves the problems and shortcomings that candidates have when engaging in typical HR recruiting process, and in which they find it particularly difficult to relay information about their talent to potential employers because these processes are characterized by i) interaction through a set of limited, suboptimal, ‘traditional’ tools (CV/resume and references/cover letters) and ii) many low-value, ex post, information checking/confirmation activities rather than productive interactions about the added value that the candidate’s talent brings to the job opportunity. Hoonter’s verification and validation platform enables our talents to cut through candidate-related inefficiencies in HR recruiting processes by enabling them to present an enhanced and comprehensive understanding (360º Vision) of a their talent: in addition to the CV, candidates also provide a predefined graph of their skills as well as their skills test results (Hoonter can validate both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills). All this talent information is recorded in our proprietary Hoonter Talent database, which will be enriched and become increasingly appealing to recruiters as we escalate Hoonter globally.

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