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Hotels sell rooms through booking partners, but currently have no straightforward way to manage the information that is displayed about their property. And vice versa, booking sites without direct contracts, purchasing rooms through third party vendors such as bed banks and wholesalers, have no direct access to accurate hotel data and content that goes beyond pricing and availability. Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) solves this problem by providing a central database that houses a hotel’s descriptions and photos, plus many additional data points that no other solution currently captures. Hotels can simply update and publish this information to any booking site — instantly. The standardized data feed even lets hoteliers push temporary changes, such us undergoing renovations. And any booking partner, whether directly contracted or through third parties, can access these data sets for free. The comprehensive data sets capture not only descriptions, but also amenities, services and features of the rooms – ranging from parking options to details like “Does the safe fit a 15 inch laptop”. And the database does not simply host photos – they can be attributed to certain room types, so guests know what to expect and there are no surprises and frustration after checking in. Plus, HDC offers human translation for all texts to help hotels reach even wider markets. HDC supplies this unaltered information to booking website, allowing them to provide much better hotel information before a booking is created. They can fine-tune their hotel search functions with better filter options, allowing customers to make smarter booking decisions. But most importantly, a majority of customer support calls become redundant – neither booking platforms nor hotels will have to repeatedly answer superficial questions like “How much does breakfast cost”. The increased capacity of travel agents and hotel staff lets them help their customers/guests with issues that really do require personal attention. Even destinations and tourism authorities can benefit from an increased attractiveness and better online portrayal through high quality information about their hospitality offerings, with the option of creating microsites that are based on HDC data sets.

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