iBeaken is a visitor engagement and activation project for the museum and heritage industries.

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WIZPR.guide is a visitor engagement and activation platform where museums and heritage sites can create multi-media content for the visitor’s smartphone. And through that smartphone, they engage with the visitor and re-activate him/her after his visit through a set of tools and techniques that we adapt in function of the situation and the public… Good content around heritage and history is first. Great stories are the oil for a good smartphone experience. Through a wireless network (3G, 4G, Wifi) and a trigger (NFC, QR, iB code, etc…) the visitor accesses the multilingual, multi-media information and has the choice to enter a rewards program : the more he learns, the more he earns points. The rewards points can be redeemed in your shop or with local merchants. At that moment the visitor becomes a guest ! The ultimate aim is NOT to entertain the guest and to push him away to large or small social networks, where he disappears in a cloud of noise… With modern techniques, museums and heritage sites need to create a mix of social media to ‘entertain’ the guests, bring them further and make them share… In the end, it’s not only about ‘entertaining’ but about ‘engaging’ and making the guest your ambassador. That is where iBeaken comes in : by offering the possibility to use different media, you give the guest himself the choice how to go through your museum or site. -> we work with a 'lean office' - that means that the iBeaken team is composed of around 25 'freelancers' that we activate when we need them...

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Fundacion Belgium, September/2010
Estado Crecimiento

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