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Mapilary fundamentally enhances e-shopping experience in the cities! Buy, try & return goods within a few hours! Problem: E-shops do not distinguish between local and remote customers. Customers are annoyed by the long delivery lead times. They are placed in a black box with long delivery windows and minimum information about the delivery. There are only professional couriers, working fixed business hours when people are usually not at home. Solution: Through automated city courier system we disrupt delivery processes on the last mile. Mapilary connects local private drivers with e-shops and turns the drivers into couriers. We deliver e-shopping carts to customer front door at lower price, within 0-3 hours, at customer defined date & time and even after 5 PM. Anybody in the city can become a courier – with Mapilary! Benefits: Customers can order instant dispatch or delivery scheduled at a specific date and time. Mapilary automatically finds the most suitable courier for each job and manages the whole delivery process. Customers can see instant position of the courier, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and position in the courier list. They can easily change delivery address, date, time or entrust somebody else to pick it up. E-shops fundamentally enhance their customer experience by providing modern delivery service. Mapilary ensures tremendous flexibility, convenience and speed to their customers. E-shops can serve customers within the same city with significantly lower price and much better services. This is a no-brainer for e-shops. Mapilary Couriers, local drivers, enjoy extremely flexible working hours with attractive compensation. One can work 0,5 – 12 hrs per day, 365 days a year. For 8hrs/day, courier earns ~130% of the average courier salary in the country.

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