MUUME is an easy way to maintain the own money assets and make payment transaction with all kind of currencies and values.




The MUUME team consists of 84 FTE specialists and they have many years of experience in the areas of Retail, Banking, Payment, Online Business, Mobile and Internet. 

MUUME is a Mobile and Web payment app which handles the payment and loyalty transaction for the merchant and the end users. P2P payments are made in one second and for free. P2M transactions are enriched with a lot of additional services beside the payment action. There are standard payment methods embedded in the app, as example from credit card or bank accounts. But Beside the fiat money the MUUME wallets are also handling virtual- and crypto currencies (Blockchain). MUUME forces a paradigm change in the payment industry and enables new business models. 

A MUUME user could select order and pay products or services over MUUME and he redeems vouchers a discounts and he collects loyalty points. 

A MUUME merchant improves his processes, reduce costs, increase sales and revenues and he creates new communication ways with MUUME. He starts to understand better his customers and MUUME allow him to place individual offers to his customers.
GROWTH phase.




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