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SOBRE MYZDEGREE, Zdegree is tyres dealers in sharjah & dubai is a United Arab Emirates online tyre distributor which focuses on the daily distributor of premium brand tyre of the following segments.Passenger Cars, SUVs, 4x4 Cars, Light trucks And other trucks.

We are an experienced with over 5 years in business; first opened in 2011. Since that time we have grown to be the premier tyre distributor, importer and exporter in the Emirate of abu dhabi, UAE. Most of the people working in Tyre.UAE have many years of experience in the auto parts business which allows us to move fast on the market.

Zdegree provides a full line of tyres online in UAE to meet the needs of virtually all consumers from everyday motorists to the most demanding high performance, offroad and motorsport enthusiasts. We promise to continue offering our customers great quality products at affordable prices with friendly people to assist you with your purchase of tyres and rims. And look forward to earning your trust as the best supplier of tyres and wheels.



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