Investing reinvented. See what your friends are investing in. No dollar amounts, just percentages.



Nvestly lets you see what your friends are investing in. No dollar amounts are shown, just percentages.

For active investors, Nvestly verifies your historical track record. It's your instant Investment Résumé.

Here are some exciting things you can only do on Nvestly:
• See who else holds a stock or ETF
• Compare returns with friends
• Find and follow top investors based on returns
• Share your trades to Nvestly, Twitter and Facebook
• Connect and track up to 5 different brokerage accounts

Investment information found on Nvestly is real and verified. Nvestly currently supports TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE and Scottrade. Nvestly uses Intuit technology to securely sync to each brokerage with 256-bit bank-level encryption.

Go to to request an invite and tweet us to gain access @nvestly
Organization founded in United States.


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