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We believe in the goodness of coconuts, all natural, and simple ingredients.

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Here at OkoBay, we believe in the goodness of coconuts, all natural, and simple ingredients. OkoBay's vegan Coconut Milk Ice Creams and Coconut Water Ices are the natural alternatives. We know you'll like it because we had you in mind, so that you can indulge on pure goodness without compromising on health or deliciousness. We've got your sweet tooth covered. We are experiencing an exciting growth phase, since we have partnered with like minded companies and have developed innovative methods to bring new products to market like none other tasted before. Our alternative food products attract health concious individuals and families, and those just looking to indulge their sweet tooth! All of OkoBay's products are: Vegan and Vegetarian Certified Free from all Major Allergens Contain all Natural Ingredients Contain No Additional Additives Low Sugar and/or Sugar Free In conjunction with the major government movement to cut sugar consumption in the UK and EU by 50%, OkoBay is introducing healthier alternatives; Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Coconut Milk Desserts as well as Yogurts to the market in summer 2016! OkoBay Coconut Milk Ice Cream has 50% less sugar than traditional ice creams, and come in three delicious flavours: Coconut, Chocolate and Mango. They come in 5L service tubs, 500mL take home tubs, and 125mL “impulse control” tubs. OkoBay Coconut Water Ice is made from 50% coconut water, are naturally hydrating and super low cal at only 63 calories per serving. We have launched three fun flavours: Original Coconut Water, Pineapple, and Acai & Blueberry. OkoBay Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt is a clean alternative to usual dairy and soy yogurts and of course, is 100% all natural and plant based. Better yet, it's completely Sugar Free! Even more exciting, in association with our friends from Sweden, we are now introducing the VERY NATURAL Pop Fruits tropical treats selection, available in delicious Mango and Pineapple! These are 100% Fresh fruits on a stick. We don’t let our fruits mature in a container. We let them grow in the tropical sun until they are perfect. then we pick them, freeze them. This is pure fruit passion. Not only have we made ice cream and treats leaner, we've even streamlined the way we do business so that we can offer our products at a lower cost. We are expanding our territory from retail and trade to service the catering markets, food services, restaurants, ice cream concessions, hospitality and transporation industries. We welcome new partnerships and accelorators to join us on this endeavour.

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