Marketing of Technology to efficiently incorporate the smells into the Digital World




Since the year 1900 there have been attempts to introduce aromas into theater, the cinema and in
advertising, but they have failed to enjoy popularity for many reasons:

- Low-quality odours that did not dissipate quickly.
- Devices that are large and difficult to install.
- The need for a power cable and exterior fan.
- Impossible to control using software (emit aromas at fixed time intervals).
- Reduced number of aromas (2 or 3 per unit).

Over the last 20 years the image and sound sectors have continuously evolved. It was about time aromas evolved too.

At Olorama we have learned from past mistakes, offering a 100% pleasant and 0% intrusive solution to integrate the smells into the audiovisual world:

- Up to 12 different aromas of the highest quality, even with the most basic version
- The aromas rapidly dissipate, preventing mixtures of smells
- Reduced-size units, easy to install on ceilings and walls
- 100% Wireless
- Features a powerful built-in fan to quickly circulate the smells
- Up to 12 different aromas on the most basic version
- Control system via software: aromas may be activated manually using our tablet application, or automatically, synchronized with the scenes in the video

The movie industry has been experiencing significant declines in the number of patrons year after year. The appearance of affordable home technologies (home theatre), piracy, and the high price and low quality of certain productions have contributed to the 25% drop in moviegoers from 2006 to 2012.

The Olorama Technology gives the industry a new opportunity: to offer viewers movies with smells. The technology can also be used in houses (Home Theater), events, and joint to other innovative technologies such virtual reality... Therefore we count with a unique technology with multiple applications, that can be commercialised widely (with an easy internationalization...).
Organization founded in Spain. Since January/2013. 4 employees. STARTUP phase.



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