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"Save a Kid Project". We Make Technology, Security devices, monitoring, tracking, guide, and locating people, animals and objects, combining RF, GPS, satellite technologys. Easy to use, program, unbreakable mechanisms, anti sabotage. With the RF technology over security perimeter alerted by alarms, and being GPS and Satellite gives the location in real time. We do not rely on third parties, and no such combined technology and capabilities in a single device. Aimed at vulnerable groups, children, families, valuables and transportation, container, mining, police, prisoners, health centers, among others. Aimed at prevention, safety, location, tracking people, children, schools, vulnerable groups, elderly, shopping centers, universities, transport companies and container, mining, prisoners, police, etc. Our goal is to Prevent, Securize, Monitor, Save, Guide, Track and Locate quickly and accurately. Our mission is to protect the most important asset we have our client We are located in Jalisco (México), Rialto (California-USA) and New York (USA) We have obtained the patent for our products in Mexico and we're about to get the patent in USA. Registered Company in Mexico and USA. We market research, marketing- operational-strategic plans, reference letters, purchase orders and a great team of engineers in New York. We are looking for investment to start harder.

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Fundacion Mexico · United States, February/2013
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