About Carlos Manuel Molina Martinez

I am CEO and co-founder of startup "Save a Kid Project". We make safety devices, location, guidance, monitoring and tracking of people, animals, objects. Using a combination of technologies, easy to use and program, anti sabotage, unbreakable, no one has so combination of technology and functionality in a single device. Aimed at prevention, safety, location, tracking people, children, schools, vulnerable groups, elderly, shopping centers, universities, transport companies and container, mining, prisoners, police, etc. Managing company with a small multidisciplinary team. we are seeking investor-investor partners, alliances, cross-selling. We have obtained the patent for our products in Mexico and we're about to get the patent in USA. Registered Company in Mexico and USA. We market research, marketing- operational-strategic plans, reference letters, purchase orders and a great team of engineers in New York. We are looking for investment to start harder.