Save time and money practicing any language while you're meeting people.




In Speak4Learning you can save time practising any spoken languages with native in our online channel. The user doesn't need to move to get the opportunity to speak with other users. The service is not limited to certain languages, you can practise anyone!

The primary functionalities are all free for users. They can adjust his preferences about which languages to practise and the smart system assigns a peer to make a video call automatically. The assigned peer is a user that wants to speak the same language than the user, it can be a native user or not.
Soon,  we're going to implement a collaborative user model: giving the opportunity to the users for paying a credit to speak with natives users. At the same time, the native users will get a refund.

We use the modern technology WebRTC to make the video calls. It has his benefits in terms of infraestructure costs.

The platform is customizable and it can be adapted to other Business Models or functionalities. Also it can be integrated to other existing systems.
Since September/2015. SEED phase.


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