Stream Hatchet is built with the mission of creating analytics intelligence for the growing live streaming scene.




Stream Hatchet is built with the mission of creating a platform that equips the world with the best live streaming analytics insights.
We are focused on delivering a simple-to-use analytics intelligence (insights) product based on the growing live streaming scene.

Our solution relies on Twitch, the major video gaming streaming platform. We carried out a complete analysis of the Twitch activity. That includes the streamings stats for each game e.g. viewers, followers and chat sentiment analysis. We handle data analytics of all Twitch channels which means 1,7M broadcasters and 120M viewers each month. We are able to separate the audience for each game to identify new and returning viewers. All the data is stored  in our servers to be visualized and  compared over the time. 

Stream Hatchet offers a complete set of widgets, for real-time stats of the streaming. Our servers track all the activity in Twitch as well as the chat. All this data is curated and organized on the analytics section, where streamers and game companies can compare past sessions and see how the streaming performed. 

For game studios, our platform helps identifying who are the influencers of their games. With an extensive Business Intelligence they won’t miss any relevant data that connects their games with the players and viewers.

For advertising companies, our tool offers metrics to help choosing which channel performs better for a specific audience and monitoring the impacts.

For streamers, we provide the most complete tool to know the insights of their channel. We offer a complete set of metrics such as who is participating more in the chat, which is the best time to stream, make comparisons, parse the chat and measure your growth.
Organization founded in Spain. Since September/2015. ACQUIRED phase.


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