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tangiblemode builds deep Augmented Reality experiences across interactive books, films & games. From writing, film, music architectures, experimental video, performance, documentary, sound-art, to all sorts of poetry… Behind the scenes, we project data mining & semantic analysis onto these sometimes overlapping inputs. Multidimensional semantic datasets emerge. Combined with human-driven AI, as well as cutting-edge 3D touch-audio-visuals, we synthesise an AR experience that can evolve and adapt uniquely to each user. Our first three projects are aimed at existing mainstream devices and will be launched internationally as premium paid Apps for iPad / iPhone. We are also leading the drive to extend these digital experiences into the physical world through App-Events. These App-CENTRIC arts events may feature: ⋅ location-sensitive group interaction inside the App ⋅ peripheral emerging technologies ⋅ multi-screen cinematic experience Small or large scale, App-Events will also be licensed to select third parties, super users & international festivals.

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Fundación Spain, September/2015
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