Pablo Arcent


artist-developer-entrepreneur, co-founder at tangiblemode

About Pablo Arcent

Arcent's entrepreneurial vein (tangiblemode, Co-Founder) draws on a strong professional arts background, more specifically in the fields of advanced music and virtual acoustics (interface design, digital synthesis, 3D audio). From the business and economics perspective, this high-end, top quality oriented background have shaped quite a unique sense of product and value. In the last decade, his interests and skills naturally expanded into fields such as computer programming and, more recently, computational linguistics (natural speech processing) as well as other AI-oriented DATA semantizations. Further passions include the architecture of feasible collective intelligence platforms (high performance, cross-disciplinary team work) and the research on new physical/cognitive interfaces able to make sense of what we simultaneously see, hear and touch. Above all, he loves the sound of words. That turns him into a kind of deep 'listener' rather than a teller... [full CV at http://tangiblemodestudio.com/docs/PabloArcent_cv.pdf ]