Teamhood is a software for video and other digital creation professionals. It enables them to share, review & collaborate effectively.

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Teamhood is a B2B SaaS for digital creators that seeks to be as collaborative as Google Docs, as integrable as Slack and as simple as Fisher Price. The problem we address is that digital professionals struggle to get their thoughts across accurately. When they resort to their messy combinations of email chains, calls and meetings to communicate thoughts are lost in translation, misunderstandings become a constant and confusion prevails. This results in time wasting and low productivity Our solution is a cloud-based collaboration software where creative pros and their stakeholders can share, review & collaborate. Where feedback flows directly over media files with time-stamped comments, contextual drawings, voice notes and more. Our API and our open architecture facilitate integrations, automations as well as customisation, and all with a totally innovative host-agnostic model Our global customer base includes video pros such as film and production companies, post-production companies and freelancers. Within creative services we will target production and advertising firms as well as film schools, design studios and their clients. At current growth rates this market will be worth almost $ 1bn in 2020. Our revenue model is based on subscriptions where pricing depends on access to space, functionality, integrations and customisation. As with any good SaaS business expect superb scalability and high margins driven by robust recurrent revenues.

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