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The ultimate 3D virtual world technology for education and training on mobile devices

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We want to improve the actual online education and training model trend based on videos and interactive content. The Education District is a perfect evolution to any online course or training, offering a creative/gamified environment to strengthen the content while developing soft skills like communication, planning, team work, leadership, conflict solving and empathy. We offer high added value services for education and training using 3D virtual worlds, gamification and collaboration. We are focused on big corporations and education sector (universities, high schools and schools). Big corporations are interested in a new innovative way to connect their employees and organise conferences and training using gamification. We offer a unique way to connect their employees and motivate them. Our customers are big companies like AstraZeneca, Bureau Veritas, FCC, Dupont, Psyma Group, Ministry of Innovation... The main added value for education sector is to develop important personal skills in students through collaboration and gamification. The most popular activity for schools world wide is "Virtual Visits to real places with human guides". We connect an average of 25 students from their classroom to an exact recreation of a real place, like Lincoln Memorial. A teacher in American History waits online for the kids and starts talking to them about the place. He/she can use additional material like images, audio and videos that are not available on a real visit. The teacher can talk in any language so the students can practice a second language at the same time. He makes questions to the kids and invite them to participate. At the end of the visit there is a competitive activity based on the content. The kids separate in two groups. They have to demonstrate what they have learnt in the shortest time possible. This activity is extremely engaging for them. To attract users and potential customers we also organise free conferences about education, training and culture with speakers and experts world wide. They talk about interesting content and we invite our audience.

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Fundacion Spain, December/2014
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