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AQUINOW Project is a client-server software platform, implementing two different concepts: peer-to-peer services marketplace functionality from one side, and business analytics tool from the other. Goals The final goals of the project can be divided into two general groups. On the first stage, AQUINOW Project implements a tool to optimise communication between the people who searching for skilled professionals to solve their daily needs and the professionals who able to provide such a service. We hope the innovative workflow will allow to make this process much more stress-free and comfortable for both sides. Our goal is to involve more people into economic activity, converting the un-employed people into self-employed, simplify starting of independent small business. After first stage is implemented and the user database had grown above some critical mass, AQUINOW Project will provide analytics data, related to business activity in specified areas, what can be useful for big business as well as the government or public organisations. Solution The above goals can be reached by creating the mobile application designed for iOS and Android platforms, communicating the centralised backend server software. ADVANTAGES - Active on-demand principle The user don´t need to search and contact professionals himself: he just publish the description of the service he would like to get and the professionals will send him their proposals. - Location based Using GPS data to collect statistics and provide the communications most local to the users - Mobile Oriented mostly to mobile users, always in pocket and ready to use. - User friendly Multi-language (currently supports 3 languages and number is growing), lightweight (minimum memory and bandwidth use) and easy to use (no especial user skills required) - Universal All kind of services collected in one place. No more need to keep specialised applications! - Pricing Simple and low-cost pricing model. BUSINESS MODEL For the users who need to have a service provided, AQUINOW is totally free. For professionals, who would like to provide services, there is a humble fixed monthly subscription fee, what will be applied after completing of several trial orders. Possibility of targeted advertising to large focused groups of customers as per profession or kind of requests. For customers requesting business analytics reports, the fee is defined depending on the requested data volumes. TARGET MARKET AQUINOW customers Small business looking for possibility to extend customer base Unemployed persons who are looking for possibility to start business as self-employed Persons who would like get part-time second job Larger businesses looking for statistics of business activities in their operational area AQUINOW users Owners of holiday properties Tourists and expats, renting an accommodation Small concierge service companies Pretty much all other financially independent, mid-age persons, having basic mobile application usage skills CURRENT STATE Server software and the Android and iOS versions of mobile app are released in trial mode.

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