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Sobre Tuvalum

Do you know how many cars are sold in Europe each year? 18 millions. And do you know how many bicycles? More than 21 millions. Secondhand cycling market doesn't stop growing in Europe. Oh, yes, there are a lot of secondhand websites and mobile apps for buying and selling used items. It is easy to use them if you want to sell a lamp or to buy a couple of chairs. But what if you're gonna sell a €2.000 full suspension carbon mountain bike? Are you going to you let a stranger to ride your bike? What if he doesn't pay you the money? It is the same when you want to buy a triathlon bike with electronic groupset. How do you know the seller is a trusted person? What if you pay the money but he does not send you the bike? What if he sends you a damage bicycle? Actually, the problems to buy and sell a high-quality and well-maintained bicyles online are the same than buying and selling cars. You do not know the seller or buyer, you do not know the real mechanical condition and you do not have payment or delivery protection. Tuvalum is a completely new way to buy or sell online secondhand high-quality bicycles and sport gear for cycling and triathlon. We are creating a trusted marketplace, unifying the fragmented secondhand market with an unparalleled buyer and seller protection system. We aim to make used bicycles transactions more affordable, accessible and safe, allowing both buyers and sellers to get better prices. We're supporting the entire transaction cycle: contact between athletes, negotiation, safe payment, delivery and quality test for bikes. All bicycles are inspected and certified for safety, mechanical and aesthetic issues. No more payment frauds, no more unreliable dealers, no more hidden fees, no more surprises. Tuvalum is convenient, efficient and totally secure. Users feedback is our best asset. Please see our customers reviews on Facebook and Google. Sounds great right? Try us and see how fast, easy and safe is to go from 0 to happy buying and selling a secondhand high-quality bicycle online with us.

Datos Tuvalum

Fundacion Spain, March/2015
Trabajadores 3
Estado Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
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