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Convey texts Quicker by sending Video messages. One handed messaging is simple with Viotalk Secured Cloud Storage help keep messages secure many possibilities and more to come many ways to communicate combine a slew of text messages into a single Video message. A lovely, easy- to- maneuver screen Quit texting and start using Viotalk Cloud Video messenger today
Now, record and share Video messages is easier than before, irrespective of time limit instantly.
Cloud Video messaging helps to record & send long Video messages up to 4 hours instantly and all recordings stored in the secured cloud no need to worry about your device storage. Once your friend receives your Video message they watch it right away to respond just click on the reply and Start recording! Viotalk  also supports Group messaging simply create your community and share your memories instantly With your group members easily the fun way to Stay connected with friends and family
Send free lightning fast instant Video messages and Feel fresh best-crafted UI for easy messaging with Video app.
Organization founded in United States. Since July/2011. STARTUP phase.


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Viotalk Cloud Video messenger

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