Reserva tu espacio de trabajo por horas en función de tus necesidades y tu agenda



For those who travel or just spend some hours out of the office and need a place to work for a few hours between meetings, or before taking their plane/train back home. Worktel offers convenient and comfortable working spaces in hotels by the hour, close to your location at the touch of your screen. You just have to open our app and it will show you the nearest hotel to your location, a picture of the space, the hourly rate and the services provided. Just by selecting the time you want to spend and clicking "booking" you're set to go!! Do you need a convenient space to meet a customer or have a team meeting? We have it! just touch the "sala completa" option and you'll book the whole meeting space for you. With Worktel you'll be more productive while out of the office, you'll have more time to spare with your family & friends and you'll save money! We monetize by charging a small commission to the hotels which make money out of empty and underused spaces
Organization founded in Spain.




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Worktel ha cerrado una ronda de inversión de 100.000 €

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