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Alma Mundi Ventures is a Venture Capital firm focused on technology-based companies, with a primary emphasis on B2B business models that are raising their series A or B rounds. We invest between 500K and 5M in each company through our fund Alma Mundi Innvierte Fund FCRE. Our headquarters are in Madrid but we also have operational presence in Barcelona, London and New York. Our investors come from a broad range of locations including London, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid. We also have extensive experience in emerging economies, particularly in Asia and Latin America. We look for entrepreneurs with differentiated/patented technology solutions that seek to disrupt existing business models. Our broad industry knowledge, hands on approach, global relationships and access to the Mundi Club bring value to our entrepreneurs thereby accelerating their growth. We invest in founders and we particularly like Spanish founders abroad, foreign founders in Spain, foreign founders with engineers in Spain and Spanish founders based across the entire geography in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Málaga, Bilbao, Sevilla and Santiago.

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