Enigmedia ensures that you remain the sole owner of your information and communications, by offering encryption solutions in real time

About Enigmedia

Enigmedia is a European company founded in 2011committed to develop privacy solutions with the robustness, scalability and performance needed to protect sensitive information in our data-driven world. We live in the digital age and sensitive information usage is unavoidable. Hacking technology is becoming more sophisticated. Hacking equipment costs are quickly being reduced and the chances to obtain such equipment are easier day by day. Actually, for a few hundred $/€ any seriously motivated person with a basic technical understanding can hack a mobile communication. This not only applies to the dedicated hacker, but to the incidental hacker as well. Organizations and sensitive individuals must be aware of these new threats without risking to be involved in a digital setback when it's just too late. The potential losses involved compared with the costs of hacking bring ratios in the range of thousands or millions of times. No doubt ignoring such facts is a far too risky business. Fortunately, protection solutions exist, however current encryptions force you to choose between efficiency and security as they have reached their technological limit. Powered by it's proprietary encryption technology, Enigmedia can help your company to avoid unnecessary risks.

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