Elena Gómez del Pozuelo

Business Angel

Presidenta Adigital. Co-Founder and Owner BebedeParis.com and womenalia.com



Sobre Elena Gómez del Pozuelo

Elena is a well known international entrepreneur in Spain with expertise in e-commerce, retail, wholesale. She has 25 years of experience in taking an internet business from the idea to benefits and she is Member of the Board of few companies, advising them how they should be transformed to take advantage of the digital economy. - She is the President of Adigital (Spanish Digital Economy Trade Association) - Co-Founder and CEO bebedeparis.com, the 1st international baby gifts network. - She is President at Womenalia.com - She co-founded 7 startups, all of them related to internet and profitable; bebedeparis.com, womenalia.com, incipy.com, increnta.com, inesdi.com, secretariaplus.com - She is investor and member of the board of: hallst.com, miximoms.com, brainsins.com, quashops.com, cocunat.com, popplaces.com and misoky.com - She has special experience in founding and managing startups and business related with internet, e-commerce and mobile commerce. - She is specialist in Digital marketing. - Mentor at the Founder Institute Skills: -Founding and managing business related with web 2.0 - Taking this business from the idea to benefits. - Ecommerce - Startups - Entrepreneurship - Franchising - International expansion - Online communities and profesional networks - Digital marketing - Baby Gifts design, production and distribution. Gift baskets, Gift boxes, luxury gifts... - Corporate gifts, business gifts for new parents. Maternity gifts. - Imports-Exports

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