Nacho Ormeño

Business Angel

Co-founder & CEO @ Startupxplore.com

Sobre Nacho Ormeño

I am a restless, enthusiastic and very proactive person with an innovative and creative mind who enjoys learning new things every day. After 10 years of experience in the technical product management, I have founded two projects the first one related to music industry and the other one is Startupxplore, one of the biggest communities of Startups and Investors in Europe. As a startup co-founder, we can talk about new business models, balance sheets, founders shareholder agreements, special purpose vehicles or term sheets. As a CTO, I am a specialist in developing and translating business needs into specific requirements to be understood by a software development team. I consider myself with a widely expertise in the following areas: - Design architectures with a high volume of usage. - Design of services to process data with near real-time requirements. - Improvement and optimisation of existing processes. - Design creative solutions to improve user retention. I have professional experience working with following cloud providers and technological stacks: - Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy and Grails - Php / Wordpress - Ruby, Rails - Databases: MySql, PostgreSQL - ElasticSearch

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