Ronan Bardet

Business Angel

Ecommerce Accelerator, Consultant and Fundraiser based in the Spanish Market.


Sobre Ronan Bardet

Ronan Bardet is one of the first e-commerce entrepreneurial talents in Spain, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. After several years of colaboration with TOP 5 etailers in Spain such as redcoon.com, his passion to create and develop internet bussines led him to found the first e-commerce trade show Expo Ecommerce , and the start-up incubator, EGI Group. During the last years he has created or accelerate more than 10 e-commerce start-ups like Splio.es (emailing plateform), iAdvize.es (Click to chat platform) or oooferton.com (Daily Deal).

Estrategia inversión Ronan Bardet

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