Sacha Michaud

Internet entrepreneur, specialized in ecommerce, media and technology

Business Angel


Passionate about the online world and very lucky to have made a career developing Internet companies; founder of several digital businesses and entrepreneur linked to the online sector.

From an entrepreneur perspective, I have founded digital companies such as Inlander, a web development company;, one of the early Spanish hosting companies; Binaria, a creative agency specialized in digital communication; Latinred, in its day, the largest online Spanish language community; Transword, an online translation company; and most recently as an investor in Agents of Influence, a startup focused on influencing brands and campaigns through social media.

More than 15 years in the online sector have allowed me to make enough mistakes to learn something from them. I have been CEO of Inlander, CTO & SVP of Product Development for StarMedia Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: STRM), as well as Director of Portal Services at Wanadoo (Orange). Since 2005, I have been the head of the Spanish and Portuguese business for Betfair Ltd. (FTSE: BET.L), the world’s leading online sports betting company and one of most relevant technology groups in the global e-commerce. 

I have been traveling almost since I was born and lived in many countries; U.K., Canada, Latin America, Switzerland, U.S.A. and Spain. This has had an influence on both my character and my professional career.

I have been a speaker in numerous events, courses and workshops about the Internet, e-commerce and gaming. I have also spoken at the Spanish Congress (Congreso de los Diputados) as AEDAPI’s Chairman, to defend the interests of the digital gaming industry during the regulation process. Likewise, I have founded JDigital, the Spanish Association of Digital Gaming, today the main industry voice.

I have been an investor, shareholder and/or board member of several companies where I have given advice on digital strategy and participated actively on the committee of CIDEM to develop Catalunya based start-ups.



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