The world-leading game-based learning platform in soft skills development for corporate training. Top 20 Gamification Company in 2015.




Gamelearn™ is the world-leading company in skills training through video games and a pioneer in the development of game-based learning solutions. With over 15 years of experience, it has trained more than 100,000 professionals from more than 600 companies and organizations all over the 5 continents.

Gamelearn™ has revolutionized corporate training by creating the 'game-based learning' platform, a market leader, and becoming a global solution for any Training and Development department:

- Based on the cloud: no need to install additional software.
- Universal access: just an internet connection is required. 
- Multidevice: Adapts to any device, PC, tablet, smartphone…
- Multilanguage: A training solution translated to more than 5 languages.

Gamelearn™ takes learning to the next level by ensuring greater effectiveness of the training by integrating theoretical content of the highest quality, advanced simulators and gamification elements in a unique format: a course-video game (also known as Serious Game).

Through their training solutions, Gamelearn™ deepens in the development of skills and competencies necessary to achieve personal and professional success:

- Serious Game Pacific™: a manual, step by step, on leading and managing high performance teams.
- Serious Game Triskelion™: a system to manage time and improve personal productivity.
- Serious Game Merchants™: a complete course based on negotiation, communication and conflict resolution.
- Brilliant Meeting™: a gamified course and app for the management of efficient meetings. 

The methodology:

The key is on the 3 pillars upon which their Serious Games are based:

- Contents of the highest quality and a fundamentally practical approach. Each one of these serious games has contents equivalent to those of a two-day classroom course.
- A simulator (Game-based learning): The brilliant use of a sophisticated simulator that allows students to practice, benefit from experiential learning, test the skills and techniques learned and receive personalized feedback with tips for improvement.
- Gamification techniques: The use of game dynamic tools such as storytelling, suspense, levels, challenges, competition, badges... turns the training into a fun and addictive experience for students.


2015 Gold Medal Excellence in Technology
Brandon Hall Group

2015 Best of Elearning!
Elearning! Media Group

2015-2014 Top 20 Training Company
Training Industry

2015 -2014 Top Learning Organization
Elearning! Media Group

2013 Top 5 Spain's Startup
Spain Startup Summit

2013 HR Innovation E&E Awards Diario Expansión
Diario Expansión

2012 Best Service Award
CIPD'12 Manchester Exhibition

2011 Top 10 European Startup
San Francisco Demo Night
Organization founded in Spain · United States. Since January/2008. 45 employees. GROWTH phase.


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