Influencity is a B2B platform where brands can find influencers in order to create, manage and measure influencer’s marketing campaigns.




Influencity is the first platform in Spain that speeds up and simplifies the whole process of influencer’s campaign creation.

Our platform lets you find and identify the most relevant people for your brand through a segmented search. You will find available influencers waiting to receive proposals. You will be able to communicate with them through a single channel and finally obtain statistics and metrics from their actions.
Also, we help relevant people on the Internet to monetize their work and influence. We avoid unwanted proposals because we already filter job proposals with influencer’s interests.

Influencity is a powerful tool for any business who wants to include influential marketing in their strategies. As an end-to-end platform, we save time and money for our customers and also we increase their sells with a high return of investment.

Thanks to our system, any brand can get engagement with influencers in their market, and in this way, increase their visibility and brand reputation.
Organization founded in Spain. Since November/2014. 4 employees. GROWTH phase.



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