The only way to make dramatic increases in Paid Search.




Quarizmi AdTech helps large Paid Search advertisers scale up their investment in PPC campaigns. 

Quarizmi has developed a series of algorithms using Artificial Intelligence. These algorithms focus on increasing the sales coming from Paid Search.

Customers already using Paid Search will enjoy the fast deployment of Quarizmi's NEW campaigns.

Using Machine Learning techniques, Quarizmi's algorithms learn from our Customers'​ ongoing campaigns. 

The NEW PPC campaigns that Quarizmi creates are based on all the information collected and are 100% designed by Quarizmi. 

These campaigns will enlarge our Customers'​ current efforts by 200% in the first six months.

The success of our solution is based on four pillars:

1. Quarizmi learns from what our Customers have done to augment their results.
2. Quarizmi creates new opportunities by finding new keywords, writing new ads and managing bids.
3. Quarizmi's Customers will not have to spend any time learning how to deploy, use and make the most out of the solution.
4. Quarizmi wants to become our Customer's partner with a win-win model.

Quarizmi has headquarters in Boston and offices in Ottawa and Bilbao (Spain). For more information please visit
Organization founded in United States · Canada · Spain. Since June/2014. 5 employees. STARTUP phase.




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