Genoveva Galarza


Spanish traveler, passionate entrepreneur, and tech geek.


About Genoveva Galarza

I am a vocational Computer Engineer, a passionate entrepreneur and a compulsive traveler. Being always interested on AI and Computational Linguistics, I spent four years in Hyderabad, India, working in Infosys Labs with really proficient researchers on the development of context-aware systems in different areas. This work gave me the chance to dedicate most of my time to work on NLP and apply it to smart search, relationship extraction, discourse resolution and human-computer interaction for speech-based systems and context-aware assistants. In the meantime I developed an interest in the collaborative economy and its application to developing countries. I co-founded my first venture, rideIT, a ride-matching service for employees to find colleagues traveling in the same route, which has won multiple social entrepreneurship awards, including the World Summit Youth Award. Currently, and following my start-up passion, I work at Quarizmi AdTech as a Data Scientist, trying to bring my NLP experience in contact with the most promising AdWords technology.