We provide innovative textile recycling solutions, connecting, education and empowering communities worldwide

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At WORN we provide long term, sustainable solutions to reducing the 13millions tons of textile we throw away each year. Through our operations, we educate, empower and connect schools, communities and businesses around the world. WORN has 4 main channels to its model. WORN @ home - a free downloadable postage sticker to send in your clothing free of charge! WORN @ school - Connecting two schools in the UK, with two in Freetown, Sierra Leone through education programs and collection days. From schools for schools. WORN in your community - We provide local SMART collection bins with monitors to provide efficient management of the collection schedule. Representatives of WORN provide educational and awareness days on innovative solutions of textile recycling by creating a looped business model with a double social impact. Care 4 Kicks - A program designed to use different solutions to recycle and reuse footwear in innovative ways. Business Aftercare - WORN is currently working on creating partnerships with local businesses for our aftercare program. We provide the solution for brands interested in reducing the amount of their clothing ending up in landfills. By using a reversible biodegradable bag, consumers can send in clothing free off charge from home to our collections centres across Europe or use the in-store collection bins.

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