Luke Meredith


Luke is a global educator with a passion for Sustainability. Being a situational entrepreneur gives him his daily kick.

About Luke Meredith

I am a pending International Business & Management graduate constantly searching for new ways to develop and enhance my knowledge within the business sector. I am a passionate entrepreneur and consistently engaged myself in the field, searching new business opportunities and testing new and innovative business models. Sustainability is a key interest of mine and I am currently developing strategies to implement sustainable practises into new business models, whilst maintaining a feasibility and profitability. With 5 years experience within in sales and marketing, working with companies such as American Express and Play TV, actively contributing to developing strategic planning for global marketing. Driven by success, this experience has given me the passion to tackle and excel in global marketing from an innovative point of view. I have supervised a team of event planners as part of an organisation planning successful trips and events for students throughout the academic year. I have proven, on all occasions, to deliver expert service and continue to succeed in providing innovative trips and events for clients. Specialities: Generating results through Innovative Marketing, Sales and marketing, International & Global Market Research, Event planning & promotions.